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Here in La Suite, Francis spearheads our establishment as the Bar Manager, bringing a wealth of experience as a veteran in Hong Kong's hospitality and bar scene. His experience spans from critically acclaimed venues to lively neighborhood bars over the decade. Francis has honed his skills over the years, emerging as a seasoned mixologist. It’s led him to this moment, defining a new chapter at La Suite.

For him, the devil is in the details – a mantra that is reflected in his approach to crafting cocktails. His extensive knowledge of ingredients, history, taste, and chemistry sets him apart. 

At La Suite, Francis finds the perfect canvas to showcase his mixology expertise. A master of creating both classic and inventive cocktails, his passion is evident in every sip, inviting patrons to enjoy the artistry of mixology in an atmosphere where attention to detail and camaraderie thrive.


Originating from the bustling streets of Hong Kong, Ben has dedicated the past dozen years to perfecting his craft in the world of bartending, meticulously refining his skills while garnering praise for his unparalleled service across venues in the city. Preferring to let his creations do the talking, Ben finds solace in the intricate art of mixology, cherishing the balance and heritage encapsulated in classics like the timeless Bee's Knees.

Beyond the bar counter, Ben is often found wandering the cityscape with his trusty camera in hand, immortalizing the vivacious spirit and everyday moments of urban life through his captivating street photography.

Late last year, Ben embraced a fresh opportunity at La Suite, where he continues to share his bartending prowess with unwavering sincerity and fervor. With a modest demeanor and an unyielding commitment to excellence, Ben quietly leaves an indelible impression on the cocktail scene, with each meticulously crafted drink a testament to his passion and skill.



From serving European royalty and celebrities in Paris and the French Rivera before honing his skills in London at the likes of Monte’s Club, The Library Bar in Lanesborough Hotel, The Cuckoo Club in Piccadilly, and the Hoxton Pony – Traverse’s journey is an amalgamation of style, variation and sophistication.

Traverse's notable portfolio includes Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge, Hong Kong’s inaugural tiki cocktail lounge in 2012, earning Asia’s Best 50 Bars two years in a row in 2015 and 2016 and “Best Team” at The Bar Awards.


He also spearheaded the launch of Le Boudoir, which received Top 3 Best Bars in 2010, and brought the first Hong Kong Rum Festival & first Rum Festival in Asia in 2013.

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